Kofax Mobile Capture


Kofax Capture™ is an application that is used to scan and process paper and electronic documents into meaningful information for use in virtually any system of record. It can be extended to a number of different communication channels with add-on products, including Kofax Mobile Capture™, Front Office Server™, Kofax Web Capture™, Kofax Communication Server™ and Kofax Import Connector™, to provide a fully integrated multi-channel capture solution from a single platform. Kofax Capture can be deployed as a standalone application for centralized or distributed archive and digital mailroom applications, or extended to support distributed capture at the Point of Origination™ with the addition of Kofax add-on applications.

Kofax Mobile Capture is the market leading app enabling smart phones to capture process ready documents and data and deliver that content to enterprise systems, processes and workflows.

Kofax Capture is the scanner interface for converting paper documents to digital formats.
Document and Data Export
Documents and extracted data can be released or exported to a destination like a file folder or system of record
Document Classification, Information Extraction and Validation
Information used to classify documents or extracted from the document content can be efficiently reviewed for accuracy before release.

Benefits of integrating with Kofax Mobile Capture
By leveraging the proven enterprise capabilities of Kofax Capture, customers can standardize on a single vendor solution enabling capture of documents and data at the Point of Origination™. This means that the same processes (settings, business rules, security, permissions, configuration, exception handling, etc...) used to capture documents and data from production scanners can now be leveraged whether the document originates via email, fax, MFP, network scanner, web application, portal, smart phone or tablet. This approach provides better security, complete chain of custody with a single source of the truth, improved compliance, and most importantly, lower total cost of ownership. This single integrated system enables organizations to administer, extend and then leverage that system from new input channels and sources.
Total cost of ownership
Kofax Capture grows with each customer’s capture requirements, leveraging all the rules and processes that have been built into the original system, reducing the cost associated with implementing an entirely new solution. Just add the necessary add-on modules and/or image volume to an existing system to increase the return on investment through increased productivity, faster response times and increased data accuracy. An investment in Kofax Capture matures as the system grows and is extended to new capture channels, environments and applications.
Single Integrated platform
All of the add-on multi-channel capture modules work together, eliminating the need to design, develop, deploy and maintain multiple systems. A single platform is easier to manage and deploy, reducing the total cost of ownership while adding the latest capabilities and additional value.
Customers can rely on a Kofax Capture solution to scale across the enterprise as their operations grow and change, adding users and additional volume as needed, from a centrally managed platform.
Customers can customize and change key functions of a Kofax Capture solution as their organization evolves and business needs change, extending the value of their original investment while maintaining highly productive operations.

Kofax Capture Platform
A dynamic, real-time mobile engagement platform that enables organizations to develop and deploy mobile apps and solutions focused on information-intensive customer interactions by turning smart phones into scanners and mobile apps into customer engagement vehicles. This comprehensive platform delivers patented mobile native image processing to ensure the best user experience with the highest quality data, real-time content capture to automatically extract and validate content eliminating the need for users to manually enter information, and delivering the ability to support any mobile capture use case from a single platform and vendor. This significantly improves an organization’s ability to deliver effective and dynamic mobile apps and solutions that are centrally managed—with better data and at lower costs—while providing the best user experience possible.

Target Customers:


  • Financial Services. Retail Banking (customer onboarding, bill pay, remote deposit capture, new account opening, signature cards, supporting documents, etc.); Investment Banking (customer onboarding); Others (customer loyalty, cred card balance transfer).
  • Insurance. Claims (First Notification of Loss); Customer Onboarding (Tap to Quote); Others (Insurance Cards, etc.).
  • Healthcare. Patient Registration/ Onboarding.
  • Government. Citizen benefits enrollment; Claims.
Single/Open Platform
Deliver any mobile capture and engagement use case from a single open platform all under your control and resources.  Don’t be stuck with closed point solutions.  Start with Bill Pay, Remote Deposit and Customer Onboarding and easily extend to new use cases and solutions all from the same platform from the same vendor.
Real-time data extraction and validation
Simply point, click and confirm.   Data contained within documents is now automatically entered for the user eliminating the need for tedious manual entry. Promotes self-service and significantly simplifies and accelerates transactions.
Patented, advanced image perfection
Running natively on the device, Kofax turns you mobile phone into a production document scanner ensuring the best images are captured for the user while overcoming challenges for lighting, blur, jitter, optics, background, and document size.  Simply point and Kofax does the rest.
Dynamic customer engagement
Orchestrate your mobile user experience and app flow directly from Kofax Total Agility.  Utilizing industry standard HTML 5, deliver customer facing mobile experiences that help you capture and understand content while orchestrating and managing the end to end user experience, business rules, and process.
Patented, advanced data matching
Captured information is automatically matched, validated and corrected eliminating the need to burden the user with manual correction of data.  More importantly more accurate data is available to the downstream processes and systems for analytics, upselling, and revenue generating opportunities.
Beyond mobile, any app or process use case can be extended to additional customer engagement channels like portals, web, email, fax, print streams, scanners and multi-function peripherals.  Engage your customers where they are on their preferred channel, mobile, but also enable them to engage you and your services via whatever channel is available. 

Ensure your mobile apps and solutions are effective, complete and competitive. Single platform for your mobile use cases today and in the future.

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