Kofax Customer Onboarding


Kofax Customer Onboarding transforms the critical First Mile of customer engagement, ensuring that banks collect the right information up front, the way the customer wants to interact with the bank — whether via a mobile device, over a web portal, via fax or mail — and route it automatically, providing fast, responsive and transparent service to the customer and management team. By getting the onboarding process off to the right start, you can boost customer satisfaction, increase retention, and drive greater share of wallet.

Going Mobile for Speed and Convenience
Mobile is currently a critical differentiator among banks. Many people using mobile banking today, for example, will not switch to an institution that doesn’t provide a mobile app. Kofax onboarding solutions integrate with mobile technologies on several levels, allowing customers to submit documentation from almost anywhere, and enabling banks to update customers via texts, notifications, and other services.
Achieve New Levels of Customer Service and Satisfaction
Fast, hassle-free onboarding translates into more satisfied customers and helps reduce attrition and churn rates. With a full range of channels and devices available to support the onboarding experience, banks stay in close touch with timely, personalized follow-up communications, further building trust and loyalty.
Increase Efficiency and Productivity
A rapid account opening process enables customer facing employees to spend more time with customers and close more business. Banks deploying Kofax onboarding solutions are generating up to 80 percent time-savings by minimizing manual paper handling and creating a unified platform for sharing data and documents across the enterprise.
Mitigate Risk and Promote Compliance
Financial services companies have reported a 20 percent to 60 percent decline in document error rates after deploying capture-enabled onboarding solutions that minimize manual work. The solution also enforces document tracking practices to meet industry regulations and reduces risk with rigorous central management of sensitive customer information.
Reduce Operational Costs
Manual, paper-based onboarding can cost up to 20 times more than automated systems, so the potential for savings is huge with capture-driven onboarding. For example, one financial services firm with 480 branches saved $1 million on overnight shipping of new account applications. Banks can now process more new accounts with the same or fewer resources.
Increase Revenue and Profitability
Positive customer experiences during onboarding often propel new revenue streams. One bank tripled new business closings by automating the capture process and linking real-time data capture with product experts and branch personnel. Other banks are expanding revenue streams by leveraging enrollment information to create targeted, high-impact sales and marketing programs.
Winning the Battle for Customer Loyalty
With the battle for customer loyalty intensifying, financial institutions are seeking solutions that can adapt to an industry landscape marked by changing customer preferences and tightening regulatory requirements. By incorporating multichannel capture with business workflow capabilities that align to their unique business models, banks can deliver services that scale to their business, control costs, and deliver a truly satisfying customer experience.

Kofax Onboarding Agility
Organizations seeking to become more customer focused must improve their new customer onboarding processes to enhance the customer experience, serve customers better and faster, and reach prospective new customers both in person and on mobile devices.
Kofax Onboarding Agility™ is for service organizations (such as banks, insurance companies, government agencies, HR departments, and others) wishing to streamline new-customer onboarding with smart, agile, omni-channel solutions. Kofax Onboarding Agility leverages a broad array of technical capabilities, including mobile, omni-channel information capture, process automation, dynamic case management, customer communications management, electronic signatures, and process analytics, to meet complex and changing solutions requirements.
Kofax Onboarding Agility is a smart process application solution framework that dramatically reduces process complexity and shortens processing time to improve the onboarding experience for new customers. The solution also enables organizations to reduce application abandonment and fallout, more quickly grow their customer base, shorten the time to realizing revenue from new customers and better comply with fast-changing regulations.
Kofax Onboarding Agility supports and promotes process-improvement and digital-transformation initiatives by eliminating manual and error-prone process steps and integrating directly to both internal and third-party information services. The solution transforms the front end of traditional, antiquated, and paper-laden onboarding process by actively engaging customers whenever and wherever they choose. This makes onboarding new customers faster, with dramatically less attrition, and at a lower cost per application.
Kofax Onboarding Agility is a solution framework - a set of extensible and reusable software components built atop the Kofax TotalAgility platform and other platform products. It is used to build tailored onboarding solutions. The framework includes reference, template, and sample implementations of process workflows, user interface screens, document learn sets, integrations, customer communications, and analytics dashboards. As a solution framework, Onboarding Agility is for solution-builders (resellers, system implementers, and internal IT organizations) who: supply tailored solutions to service-provider organizations; who desire a platform architecture that allows flexibility, extensibility, and on-going control over the evolution of the solution; and who would benefit from the project acceleration that a framework provides.
Kofax Onboarding Agility uniquely provides:


  • World-leading omnichannel information capture and transformation.
  • Modular, extensive architecture that allows customization, agility, and on-going control over the evolution of your customer onboarding solution.
  • A superior breadth of capabilities, including mobile, data integration, e-signature, customer communication management, and analytics´.
  • Reusable, extensible software assets in the framework to accelerate solution building.
Benefits of Kofax Onboarding Agility


  • Improve Information Visibility. Speed info intake with world leading document capture and data integration capabilities. Improve accuracy and transparency by extracting information from captured documents and providing access where needed in your organization. Lower cost by streamlining processes, eliminating slow, manual, error-prone tasks.
  • Achieve Operational Excellence. Automate review and approval processes. Ensure compliance by checking applications against identity verification, credit, KYC, AML, fraud prevention, and other services. Reduce errors by validating information, automating tasks and standardizing procedures.
  • Increase Customer Intimacy. Reduce the time needed to onboard new customers. Enhance your new customers’ initial experience.
  • Deliver Enterprise Agility. Build competitive advantage by differentiating your services from competitors. Rapidly respond to changing market conditions by controlling the evolution of your tailored onboarding solution.
Features of Kofax Onboarding Agility
Omnichannel operations
Serves your customers where and when they wish, and on the device of their choice.
Mobile First design
While supporting all your channels, the framework is specially designed for your mobile customer engagement initiatives.
Comprehensive platform
The framework complements the Kofax TotalAgilty platform and other integrated products, including the Kofax Mobile Platform, Kapow, Insight, SignDoc, and Customer Communication Manager.
Template workflow
Sample workflows are provided for automated (rule based) approval, additional (out of wallet) information required, request additional documents, and denial paths. These can be easily modified and extended using the workflow editing capabilities of Kofax TotalAgility.
Sample user interface screens
Screen layouts for smart phone, tablet and desktop (web browser) formats can be easily modified, restyled and extended.
Business rules
Editable business rules determine process flow and ensure approval criteria are applied consistently.
Integration framework
Coordinates interactions with external systems and isolates integration adaptors from the workflow to ensure consistent development approach and efficient run-time execution of integrations. Executes multiple integration processes simultaneously and handles storage of returned results.
Reviewer workbench
Internal reviewers can view the status of new customer applications, inspect documents, request additional documents from applicants, and take needed actions from a consolidated workspace.
Reference implementation
An example solution (for opening new bank accounts) combines all the framework components. It can be used as an implementation starting point or simply as a model for learning.

Built-in Analytics
Sample dashboards allow analysis of your new application pipeline and comparisons to historical performance. Process flow diagram and swim lane chart allow identification of bottlenecks and variant process flows.

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