Latourrette has just been awarded this Status for the second year in a row
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IAPMEI, the Portuguese State Agency for Competitiveness & Innovation, partners with the Portuguese Tourist Board and the Banking industry to annually award this Status to high-performance SME’s, in public recognition for the success of their business strategies and the importance of their contribution to the Portuguese economy.

Latourrette has just been awarded this Status for the second year in a row, following its ongoing expansion plan and fast-track internationalisation.

Latourrette is a Portuguese Consulting & Integration company that specialises in robotic process automation through technology and AI. Their operations now span 13 countries across 4 Continents. While the internationalisation of Latourrette started back in 2018 with rather ambitious goals, their results seem to be surpassing even the most optimistic of predictions:
  • Their current projected sales are now standing between 3.5 and 4 million euros, way above their initial objective of 1.2 million.
  • While they initially targeted international sales at 37.33% of total billings, 79% of sales now come from their international operations.
  • Their initial plans included 7 international markets - they are now present in 13.
  • New hires are currently surpassing initial estimates by 200%.

Carlos Latourrette, founder and CEO of the company, reacted to this accolade: “We are led by a common vision, we’re driven by our willingness to further apply artificial intelligence into both raising companies’ productivity and boosting their employee satisfaction, by empowering their intellectual potential.

It’s very rewarding to end up being honoured by this distinction, simply by walking the path that we believe in.” he added.

“SME Leader Status 2019” was awarded to a highly select group of Portuguese Small & Medium Enterprises that have contributed significantly to the Portuguese economy though their international operations.

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