General Data Protection Regulation

The Meeting has the scope of Application: The Treatment of Personal Data.

The Regulation covers the processing of personal data of cooperators, customers and suppliers (natural persons).

Latourrette Consulting has complied with the data protection laws and databases of its employees, customers and suppliers, together with their respective data protection laws and the deliberations of the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD).

The treatment of the personal data of the employee, in the scope of the employment relationship, stems on the one hand from the contractual market, either on the other side of the right of legal appeal, before TA, Social Security, an ACT and other official character.

The processing of personal data of employees is only reserved to the supervisor of rights of order of the payment process, and with limited access to those justified under the law, and in any case with the safeguard of confidentiality.

At any time, the employee may be associated with your protected data and will request its modification or correction, if it is an error or incomplete.

Employees enjoy, in accordance with laws, rights to information, access and protection of personal data. In order to access access and access rights, we must submit, in writing, the Latourrette Consultancy data request. This request can be e-mailed to the Latourrette Consulting data controller:

Individuals may in legal terms exercise the right to issue their own personal data, except in cases provided for the fulfillment of their legal obligations.

The treatment of the clinical data of the collaborators, obeys to the treatment regime of data and is exclusively of access to certified medical data, having access to the same treatment as the doctors previously requested.

With the conclusion of the employment contract, and throughout the execution, the collaborator of his consent to his personal data, may be kept in digital form safe, processed and accessed in the terms previously selected or punctually specified.
The personal data of the persons may be collected by consulting company, and may be submitted by subcontractors - Proinconta, Geostar, MDS and Cruz Branca among others - for the following purposes:

a. Administrative management;
b. Calculation and payment of remunerations, benefits, allowances and subsidies;
c. Calculation and source of mandatory or optional remuneration reports related to the legal provision;
d. Execution of a decision or judicial decision, as well as the handling of claims made by employees;
e. Treatment of other matters relating to remuneration, benefits, allowances or subsidies;
f. Processing of training certificates by the employer and / or external training entities;
g. Issuance of travel tickets, visas and / or other documents arising from the need for travel by the employee;
h. Records and control of attendance and / or access;
i. Compliance with legal obligations in the field of occupational safety and health.
Still in the scope of the personal data sharing of Latourrette Consulting employees, it is important to reinforce that they can be provided to third parties within the context of the training context or in the scope of the project, and the employees will consent to the sharing of the same.

For the above purposes, the entity may collect and process the personal data as well as the original and copies of the respective documents which fall into the following categories:

a. Identification info;
b. Family situation;
c. Data relating to the professional activity;
d. Data relating to remuneration;
e. Other data required to comply with the provisions of the previous article.
For the purpose of administrative management of employees, training certificates and documents necessary for the issuance of travel tickets and / or visas, data may be kept for a legal period after termination of employment, and other accounting and tax obligations.
For the purposes of salaries, benefits and benefits of employees, the data may be kept for a maximum period provided by law.
The term of the respective data may be extended, for reasons of legal action, after the transfer of the data to the judicial institutions or the final sentence of the sentence.
For the purposes of pensions, pensions or the payment of subsequent supplementary benefits due after termination of employment, data strictly necessary to prove employee status, length of service and evolution of remuneration may be retained by legal deadlines by correspondence to each end.

2.4.1 Possible recipients of personal data include:
a. The entities to whom the data must be communicated by virtue of legal provision or at the request of the data subject;
b. Financial institutions that manage the entity's accounts for the payment of workers' remuneration;
c. The management entities of Pension Funds or the Pension Scheme;
d. The insurance companies with whom the contract of insurance for accidents at work and / or personal accidents (if applicable);
e. Training entities for the issuance of training certificates;
f. Travel agencies or transport companies for the issuance of travel documentation;
g. Offices or Accounting Departments for the purposes of salary processing or accounting obligations of the company;
h. To the auditing entities (internal and external) in the scope of the certification processes;
i. External consultancy entities in the scope of their provision of consultancy services;
j. To the entities that in the scope of Medicine and Occupational Safety ensure at each moment the fulfillment of these obligations in the company;
k. Entities that ensure computer management in the processing of personal data.
2.4.2 External entities (Subcontracted) who, in the scope of this Regulation, are provided the personal data of the employees, are subject in contractual terms to the fulfillment of the legal obligations regarding data protection that are imputed to the Responsiblefor the processing of the data. Accordingly, the personal data necessary to comply with the law and the contract in question will be provided (some will require data from others to pass redundancy - principle of data mining c) of article 5 of the GDPR.
It is prohibited to photograph, film or any type of recording or other process of copying and / or reproduction of personal documents, without the consent of the holder of the data, except in the cases provided by law or duly authorized by the competent authority for this purpose.
The company Latourrette Consulting, guarantees the protection of the right to data protection of jobseekers, which are provided voluntarily and authorized by the Data Holder, which will be treated confidentially, according to the law in force.
The recruitment privacy policy of our company is defined in a separate document that is an integral part of these Internal Regulations.
 The company Latourrette Consulting collects, uses and preserves personal data provided by Customers and Suppliers, under the terms permitted by applicable law, in a manner appropriate to the execution of the contractual relationship with them and for use and billing of services.
    4.2 The client and supplier, within the scope of the contractual and commercial relationship and also in the legitimate interest and in the pursuit of the activity of the Responsible for the processing, authorize the entry of their personal data in a company file and its assignment by the same to third entities located in the European Union, for their treatment under the purpose of this contract, for marketing, commercial or other purposes, customer satisfaction surveys and information on the company's products and services.
    4.3 The customer and supplier must notify the company Latourrette Consulting immediately if there are changes in the personal data that affect the contractual relationship and / or billing of the services.
    4.4 The data necessary for the execution of the contract and / or billing of the services may be stored and used by the company Latourrette Consulting, even after the end of the process or contract, under the legal terms and until completing the invoicing and or legal obligations arising from the business relationship and or contractual.
The company or organization that individually or jointly with another (Subcontractor) determines the purposes and means of data processing is the "controller" and must, to that extent, among other things, ensure that:
 Personal data are collected for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and are not subsequently processed in a manner incompatible with the purposes of collection;
 Only adequate, relevant and not excessive personal data are collected for the purposes of collection;
 The personal data collected is accurate and up-to-date;
 Personal data are only kept for as long as is necessary for the purpose of collecting / processing (ensuring compliance with applicable CNPD Resolutions and specific legislation applicable to certain sectors of activity);
 The data subject is provided with all information related to the treatment, granting him the right to access, rectify, and delete his data, as well as the opposition to his treatment, according to the law;
 Data holders may, through their own press (IMP. 0001 PD), request from the Respondent of Treatment, the exercise of their rights;
 The consent of the holder is obtained for the processing of the data, in cases where this is required;
 That employees authorized to access personal data are bound by the duty of confidentiality;
 That we have concluded agreements with the subcontracting entities regarding the processing of personal data of our data holders, their written agreements to safeguard confidentiality and privacy;
 That appropriate technical and organizational measures have been implemented to protect personal data against destruction, accidental or unlawful, unauthorized alteration, unauthorized access and disclosure and against any form of illicit treatment.
 That we proceed under the legal terms to register the activities of processing of personal data.

    6.1 Form: IMP 0001 Data protection (for exercising the rights of data subjects);
    6.2 Recruitment privacy policy;
    6.3 Action Impact Plan.

This Regulation shall enter into force on May 2018.

Leiria, May 2018