Latourrette’s Commitment to our Employees & Associates, our Clients and our Business Partners
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Dear All,
On behalf of myself and all our teams across the world, we want you to know that our commitment to you through these difficult times remains firm.
You will soon realize that our services, products and customer service will continue to function normally. After all, we are geared by definition for social distancing. This means that all the persons and teams you usually deal with will remain available at all times, in accordance with our contracts and agreements.
We are monitoring the business and human impact of COVID-19 in real time, and I’d like to share with you what we are doing about it, so that neither your operations nor ours is affected beyond the inevitable.
These are the three pillars of our strategy:
Business Resilience Development Task Force
A core team of multi-disciplinary, international key staff connects daily to ensure that business continuity and processes are kept in line with WHO and local government’s guidelines, while developing new building blocks for our solutions and making sure that no business opportunity is ignored.
Remote Proficiency
We are blessed by the very nature of our business with above average proficiency in working remotely. All of our employees and associates practice it on a daily basis, so it is really “business as usual” for us during these challenging times. Our technologies were already fully compliant, both with existing laws and security standards, so we are uniquely placed to advise and coach our clients on how to adapt to this new reality.
‘Glocal’ Continuity
Latourrette runs operations in 13 Countries across 3 Continents, allowing us to think globally while acting locally. This gives us the bird’s eye view over global developments, while still allowing us to take care of ‘each tree in our global forest’, making sure that both your business and ours will survive this Pandemic - and come out stronger in the end.
Your trust in Latourrette will only be reinforced by this crisis, and we do appreciate it.
If we have not done it yet, we will soon be contacting you to facilitate your ongoing communications with us and explore new ways to gear up for the challenging months ahead. 
In the meantime, please stay safe and believe we shall come out stronger from this.
Best Regards,
Carlos Latourrette

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