Collaborators and Stakeholders Engagement

Engaging with Collaborators and Stakeholders requires a different mindset. It demands creating a space for people to understand opportunities and problems, feel safe to share ideas and to embrace initiatives and solutions aiming for results. Working properly, it creates buy-in, enhances problem solving, and leads to new partnerships and ideas.
Stakeholder engagement is an essential component of projects that seek to address natural resource management issues of concern to multiple groups. As so, it generated an increasing tendency for companies to become better by engaging their stakeholders, supported in Management, Innovation and Strategy.
Discovering the needs and benefits of collaboration with stakeholders can be a painful experience for companies. Anticipating the potential in stakeholder dialogues at an early stage and following a step-by-step guide can lead to successful shared value creation. (The Guardian)
  • Meet where your stakeholders are by connecting with their values, interests, and influence related to the project’s goal.
  • When scheduling engagement strategies, focus on the role of your project in your stakeholders’ calendar.
  • Get feedback from your collaborators on what’s working and what could be done better. Create opportunities and help them to adapt and overcome challenges.
  • Define the purpose, vision, process and steps of the project together, engaging stakeholders and keeping an open channel for communication.
  • Think about opportunities and chances for stakeholders to collaborate on specific steps and elements of the project development.

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