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More than paperless, our vision of document management and business process automation in general, is based on the evolution to touchless solutions.

Carlos Latourrette, CEO of Latourrette Consulting, talked with Computerworld Portugal about Touchless solutions and Robotic Process Automation.

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The document management consulting enterprise already performs more than 50% of its volume of business abroad. And reinforced the bet on the Bizdocs offer in partnership with Sage.


Carlos Latourrette. CEO of Latourrette Consulting

Turnover is expected to grow more than 100% from 2014, when its fiscal year ends at the end of 2017, reaching over one million euros. More than 50% of the billing will be made in foreign markets, reveals the company CEO Carlos Latourrette in an interview for Computerworld. The structure of turnover changed significantly, taking into account that in 2015 the business was little relevant. 

In 2018, it could be further changed if the business around the document management offer for SMEs, Bizdocs to gain even more momentum, as a result of the partnership with Sage. Since 2015, at least, the consultant seeks to avenge the product, meanwhile named for the Document Manager Awards 2017, in the product category of the year for handling of invoices in debt ("Accounts Payable / Invoicing Product of the Year").


Computerworld ‒ How much of your business comes from international markets?

Carlos Latourrette ‒ Latourrette Consulting's business is today more than 50% international with the core business of implementing bespoke solutions. Latourrette Consulting also has the implementation of digital transformation solutions using Kofax and Microsoft technologies.

CW ‒ What strategy is the company following at the moment and with what priorities?

CL ‒ We will strengthen our presence in Brazil and Colombia. Overall we will grow vertically in large accounts in the financial market, insurance, retail, transportation, with tailor-made projects and horizontally through network partners. Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) are the current focus.

CW ‒ How much does it represent just the sale of Bizdocs?

CL ‒
 Bizdocs is in the phase of building distribution channels and adapting to international markets. Currently sales are residual compared to the project implementation consulting activity. This scenario will change substantially in 2018, with a reversal in the proportion of each activity in the turnover, and with an increase in billing in the consultancy.

CW ‒ How much will the company invoice in 2017?

CL ‒ Over one million euros..

CW ‒ What are your current priorities for technological change?

CL ‒ Current priorities focus on the seamless integration of mobility technologies, intelligent content management, automatic and intelligent information capture, streamlining business processes with BPM technologies, analytics to measure business performance and processes, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities, automated learning and artificial intelligence in order to automate human tasks. In this way we want to implement and deliver Toucheless Computing solutions to our clients worldwide and from all sizes, from large companies, with tailor-made solutions, to smaller ones with Bizdocs .

CW ‒ How many people did LC hired in 2017 and want to hire until the end of the year?

CL ‒  By the end of the year we will have a net increase of around 10 people in 2017, including Brazil, Colombia and the Netherlands.

CW ‒ What are your priorities in the partnership strategy today?

CL ‒ Kofax is and will continue to be our "core" partner, then we have Microsoft with Office 365 and Azure, our hardware partners such as Xerox, Visioneer and Avision and HP. We recently created a strong partnership with Sage based on a global partnership agreement using Bizdocs worldwide: by 2018 we had access to a network of 600 partners from the manufacturer. We are also developing local partnerships with producers of accounting software in Brazil and other countries.

CW ‒ What evolution does it point towards documentary management without human intervention, aside from paperless, as advocated by Latourrette Consulting?

CL ‒ More than paperless, our vision of document management and business process automation in general, is based on the evolution to touchless solutions. "Touchless Computing" means that technology-assisted processes have as little human intervention as possible. If we want to call this concept the current cliché we are talking about robotization of business processes.

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