A Control Center for Directing Processes in SAP

Kofax ReadSoft Process Director gives you a single platform for handling a wide range of different processes inside your SAP system. The Kofax ReadSoft Process Director platform can be easily adjusted to handle your specific processes and comes with a pre-defined logic for directing document-driven and request-driven processes.

With Kofax ReadSoft for Control Center for Directing Processes in SAP, organizations can automate manual process chains like purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash, and position themselves to truly maximize the value of their SAP investment. The platform is designed to increase efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness of your SAP-related business processes.
Kofax ReadSoft Process Director resides inside SAP, so you can work in your familiar SAP environment. It also means that entered information can be automatically matched against SAP master data or transactional data, such as existing purchase orders. If there are discrepancies between the information in Process Director and the data in SAP, the user is notified and can determine which information is correct.
Process Director enables better control over your information flow and early notification of errors.
Handle processes that can be quite cumbersome in SAP standard, allowing staff to focus on value-added tasks such as process evaluations and follow-ups.
Faster Response times means better relations with your business partners, resulting in better deals.
Process and approve incoming documents such as delivery notes, sales orders, remittance advances, and more no matter how they arrive.
Requisitions, requests for master data changes, and creation or changes to business data can be entered via a web browser and sent to the correct persons for approval.