Kofax ReadSoft

A Control Center for Directing Processes in SAP

Kofax ReadSoft Process Director gives you a single platform for handling a wide range of different processes inside your SAP system. The Kofax ReadSoft Process Director platform can be easily adjusted to handle your specific processes and comes with a pre-defined logic for directing document-driven and request-driven processes.

With Kofax ReadSoft for Control Center for Directing Processes in SAP, organizations can automate manual process chains like purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash, and position themselves to truly maximize the value of their SAP investment. The platform is designed to increase efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness of your SAP-related business processes.

Work Inside SAP

Kofax ReadSoft Process Director resides inside SAP, so you can work in your familiar SAP environment. It also means that entered information can be automatically matched against SAP master data or transactional data, such as existing purchase orders. If there are discrepancies between the information in Process Director and the data in SAP, the user is notified and can determine which information is correct.
Handle Documents With Ease
Process and approve incoming documents such as delivery notes, sales orders, remittance advances, and more no matter how they arrive.
Simplify Request-Driven Processes
Requisitions, requests for master data changes, and creation or changes to business data can be entered via a web browser and sent to the correct persons for approval.
Improve Control
Process Director enables better control over your information flow and early notification of errors.

Decrease Costs and Manual Work
Handle processes that can be quite cumbersome in SAP standard, allowing staff to focus on value-added tasks such as process evaluations and follow-ups.

Shorten Total Processing Time
Faster Response times means better relations with your business partners, resulting in better deals.

Features of Kofax ReadSoft Process Director:

Kofax ReadSoft Process Director fills the gaps in automation that are critical to achieving optimal productivity and value from your SAP investment. Process Director applications include:

  • Accounts payable control center. Process Director for Accounts Payable is mission control for all invoices entering your SAP system. It automatically matches information on your invoices against purchase orders and master data in SAP. Speed up your invoice processing, improve payment accuracy, improve exception handling and improve staff satisfaction.
  • Workflow. Provides a workflow engine inside Process Director, allowing you to easily bring the business process in front of the right people.
  • Supplier portal. Allow your suppliers to get up-to-date invoice status information from our self-service portal. Suppliers get improved internal tracking and billing control, as well as enhanced process agility through the ability to create invoices directly from an existing purchase order or receipt data.
  • Analytics. Complete, up-to-date, easily accessible reports and related information for continually improving performance in SAP. Performance Analytics for SAP gives you the support for informed business decisions by turning process data into business intelligence.
  • Mobile approvalAccess to your SAP invoice approval workflow from your mobile devices. You receive an email notification from Work Cycle in which you can either approve the invoice in question, reject it or add a comment to it.
  • EDI and IDOC integration. Automatically process EDI invoices in SAP—even if they have errors. Error-free electronic invoices can be posted automatically, while EDI invoices with errors are transferred automatically to Process Director for Accounts Payable for processing using your normal error-handling routines.
  • Email approval. Allows your suppliers to check the status of their invoices via email. With Info Mail, you will decrease the number of supplier inquiries, improve supplier relations and be able to negotiate better discounts.

ReadSoft Process Director Accounts Payable

A control center for all invoices entering your SAP system​.

Process Director Accounts Payable automatically matches information on your invoices against purchase orders and master data in SAP. For example, it can check tax number, bank details, company name and even line items. If the invoice matches the purchase order, it is automatically posted into SAP. Any discrepancies are detected and presented to the user.

After invoices are automatically verified, all your accounting tasks are a mere click away. You can post invoices for payment, view purchase orders, jump to the vendor data and more, all with a single click of the mouse. If there are any errors on the invoice, or if no purchase order is available (as with general expense invoices), the invoice is passed on to the electronic workflow Work Cycle.

Kofax ReadSoft Process Director Accounts Payable works inside your familiar SAP environment using your existing configurations and set-ups. Your staff doesn’t have to learn a new system or make adjustments to your SAP system.
Suitable for you if: You are an SAP user who wants to automate your invoice processing.

With Kofax ReadSoft Process Director Accounts Payable, you will:

  • Reduce costs. You will get greater throughput and more economical invoice handling using fewer resources.
  • Improve speed and accuracy. Accurate and timely mean better relations with suppliers, often resulting in better discounts.
  • Improve exception handling. Easy handling of invoices that don’t match the purchase orders.
  • Improve staff satisfaction. Staff can spend more time improving AP processes rather than manually verifying invoices.

Technical capabilities:
  • Automated transfer of invoice data into SAP
  • Fields in your SAP system are automatically populated with data from the invoice
  • Modules to handle EDI and other electronic invoice formats
  • All data from the invoice is presented together with a digital image of the document
  • Supplier portal and communication modules to facilitate supplier collaboration
  • A “Repetitor” function can automatically check the invoice for changes since it was last accessed and post it if all inconsistencies have disappeared
  • Provides reports on your invoice flow and user actions, allowing easier accruals and SLA tracking
  • Can be easily configured to fit your specific needs and document workflows
  • Uses your existing SAP configurations and requires no modification of SAP standard code

Business system integration. 
Works inside SAP with the familiar SAP look and feel. Process Director Accounts Payable is strictly separated from the SAP standard and does not require any modifications in the SAP system (ABAP Add-On).

Purchase Requisition Processing
Take Control of Your Purchases and Simplify Requisitioning

Implement a universal purchase requisition process that you can see, control, and that practically runs itself. Purchasing departments can generate real value for an organization by ensuring that all purchases are pre-approved internally. Automated purchase requisition processing in SAP makes this possible.

Kofax’s purchase requisition processing solution provides a configurable workflow to automate and simplify this process. By providing every approved user in your business with an easy-to-use web form for requisitioning, you immediately gain visibility of all purchase requests as they move through the procurement process. At the same time, you establish an audit trail for meeting today’s and future compliance regulations.

Key Features and Benefits:
  • Controlled collection of all requisitions, organization-wide
  • Automated workflow for purchase approval and cost allocation
  • Integration with existing electronic catalogs
  • Works seamlessly inside your SAP system
  • Accessible through a simple web interface for users outside SAP
  • Quick to implement and highly configurable to enhance existing workflows
  • Automatic validation against SAP master data, transactional data and configuration settings
  • Better basis for price, conditions and terms negotiations
  • Reduced costs for purchasing, logistics, and accounting
  • Improved incoming invoice processing
  • Improved reporting ability for finance departments
  • Optimized supplier selection
Leverage your Existing SAP Infrastructure to Standardize Requisitioning Enterprise-wide

The Kofax purchase order requisition solution brings the time-saving benefits of automation to infrequent purchasers and SAP users alike.
Purchase orders touch every subsequent transaction inside the organization and with the supplier. Besides boosting productivity and increasing visibility, purchase requisition automation enables automatic comparisons down the line of purchasing documents to order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices as they are processed, continually delivering benefits to the entire procure-to-pay process.

Order Confirmation

Automate Order Confirmation Processing in SAP
An order confirmation contains the information you rely on to ensure you’ll have the goods you need when you need them. Efficiently and accurately manage your supply chain and gain complete transparency into the status of orders with automated order confirmation.

Eliminate Supply Chain Disruptions with Greater Visibility into Order Status
Checking order confirmations to make sure they match your purchase orders (POs) in SAP gives you confidence in your supply chain and allows you to prepare for changes. But done manually, this procedure is tedious and inefficient.

You’ve already invested in an SAP solution. Automating the order confirmation process is the next step toward managing your supply chain with efficiency and acuity. The Lexmark order confirmation solution automates the processing of incoming order confirmations, most of which match the purchase order data. As a result, the procurement staff can focus on exception handling and other value-added tasks.

Key Features and Benefits:
  • Available to any authorized employee in the organization through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface (SAP- or web-based)
  • Automatic data capture at line-item level and entry of data into SAP
  • Automatic matching of order confirmation data with corresponding purchase order
  • For discrepancies, corresponding purchase order is updated, triggering user notification
  • Built-in workflows for exception handling
  • Transparent and traceable procedure
  • Order confirmation processing times reduced to a minimum
  • Timely information if a supplier cannot meet the order terms
  • No production downtimes due to insufficient supply
  • Improved data quality

Payment Approval

Payment approval automation: Meet regulations and due dates

Once invoices are posted for payment in SAP, authorization becomes a streamlined process in a paperless workflow. The Lexmark payment approval solution is easily executed within the SAP user interface.

Ready information access to execute a payment run on time
Manual invoice payment approval is often a complex procedure, lacking visibility of invoice details. Bringing this approval process into a documented workflow is a critical step in further decreasing accounts payable processing time and taking full advantage of supplier discounts. Our automated workflow for handling payment approvals satisfies both business and financial regulatory requirements.

Key Features and Benefits:
  • Provides a complete audit trail to satisfy SOX and similar requirements
  • All invoices requiring final approval are viewable in a single workflow
  • Invoice image and corresponding information are constantly accessible
  • User can block invoices or release them for payment
  • Integration inside your SAP system
  • User-friendly SAP or web browser interface

Financial Posting

A clear channel for financial posting requests in SAP

Get an automated workflow for collecting and executing financial posting requests. The more accurate and current the SAP general ledger, the easier it is to make smarter business decisions.

Universal request, approval and entry of financial postings with a single solution
Kofax SAP financial posting software allows users throughout the organization to submit requests for general ledger financial postings through a simple form, accessible in a web browser or SAP user interface. This easy-to-use communication tool provides a central location for entering requests and an automated approval process via Kofax workflow.

The software resides and operates inside of SAP, so system integration is seamless. Employing this universal, transparent financial posting process organization-wide facilitates compliance measures and improves reporting for accounting and finance departments.

Key Features and Benefits:
  • Simple-to-use web form for easy, centralized collection of all financial posting requests
  • Amends incorrect postings, creates accrual and deferral postings, and designates posting amounts between general ledger accounts and controlling objects
  • Allows visibility of the entire request-and-approval workflow
  • Easy archiving of process-related activity and data
  • Enforcement of authorization rules through consistent approach
  • Better financial compliance management
  • Improved reporting on volume processed
  • Paperless process

Master Data Management

Master data management: Control the data that fuels your business processes

Rein in organization-wide requests for master data entries with a centralized request portal and automated approval process that ensure you are working with accurate and timely information.

Master data management is key to regulatory compliance
Keeping master data up-to-date is usually a request-driven process that involves multiple people and many steps, often with less-than-ideal results. Poor master data quality and duplicate master records are common issues, leading to problems and high costs in other departments when processing orders and invoices. To alleviate these issues, master data processes have become more centralized and restricted.

Key features and benefits:
  • Controlled collection and execution of all master data requests throughout the organization
  • Simple-to-use web application as entry point for any master data request
  • Integrated approval routines align with established business processes
  • Improved visibility with single point of processing and full overview of requests
  • Simplified procedure reduces processing time and activities required for master data updates
  • Runs inside SAP with SAP GUI or web browser interface
  • Improves compliance management for master data handling
  • Seamless integration with archive system (SAP ArchiveLink certified)

Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable automation: Accelerate efficiency and reduce DSO

How much time is your accounts receivable department spending manually allocating and reconciling cash to SAP? High amounts of unallocated cash and open items make it difficult to close month-end financial documents, consume staff time to resolve and can impact customer satisfaction.

Streamline processes with accounts receivable automation and enjoy reduced costs
Companies are repeatedly driven to improve billing and payment processing systems by the need to reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) and overall costs of receivables processing. Poor sales ledger data quality due to open items can harm a company’s reputation and bottom line.

Our experience with companies globally has shown that automating the manual processes of matching remittance advice information with invoices and reconciling them in SAP can have a significant positive impact on the bottom line. In fact, Aberdeen Group reports that automated matching of incoming payments to invoices when payment is received by AR helps to differentiate the best-in-class from their lower-performing peers.

By reducing manual payment allocation, eliminating bank fees, allocating cash more quickly and improving visibility, accounts receivable departments operate more efficiently, cost-effectively and provide customers the level of service they’re looking for.

Key features and benefits:
  • Reduces manual work and errors by automating data capture, cash application and exception handling 
  • Seamless integration with SAP
  • Reduces AR costs by eliminating data entry or bank fees
  • Reduces amount of unallocated payments and open items
  • Decreases days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • Handles incoming remittance advices from multiple sources: lockboxes, email, EDI
  • Improves accuracy of cash application and reduces rework
  • Provides an audit trail and complete process visibility
  • Improves customer satisfaction

Sales Order Processing
To achieve better results at the close of the sales order process, start at the beginning

Consolidate sales order processing on a single solution
It doesn’t matter whether your sales orders arrive by fax, email, mail or EDI. They are all identified, captured, interpreted and transferred into your ERP in a fast and accurate automated process. Validation is automated, as is the timely reaction to sales order issues, such as price, availability and replacement products. The results are faster order fulfillment, reduced sales order processing backlog and more staff time for customer support. And that will result in improved cash flow and happier customers.

Improve visibility and responsiveness
Empower your authorized staff with control and access to all sales orders and order information regardless of format. With access to accurate order details, they can attend to customer queries immediately, resolve issues, track down orders and make any warranted changes.

With a clear view of priority and status (where it is in the process and who is handling it), you have the information you need for workload balance, as well as analyses. You get audit trail and sales order process logs, process efficiency and vital metrics, such as time and volume, number of orders per day and time spent on each, and order backlog. You also eliminate misplaced or duplicate sales orders, while minimizing late deliveries and complaints.

Automate customer orders to reduce costs and improve customer service
Faulty data validation and slow exception handling pose significant challenges to streamlining the sales order procedure, achieving cost efficiency and improving service. Automating customer order processing with Kofax removes these obstacles and allows you to manage operations with greater visibility, flexibility and control.

Process orders with real-time ERP integration
The real beauty is that the sales order process is in constant contact with all pertinent data residing in your ERP. Your staff can concentrate on auto-triggered exception workflow and customer service. An integrated and intuitive user interface will increase productivity and reduce the time needed for training.

Key Features and Benefits:
  • Automatic collection and identification of relevant sales order data
  • Order line item capture
  • Automatic validation of price, quantity and unit of measure
  • Allows for customer-specific logic and checks
  • Increased process control and full transparency
  • Earlier identification of errors and exceptions
  • Shorter processing times
  • Lower costs in the order entry process
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to optimized sales order processing

Improving the process through automation in SAP
Optimizing the front-end order receipt process is integral to improving the entire order-to-cash cycle. As a certified SAP add-on, Kofax’s automated solutions for handling incoming customer orders reside and work seamlessly inside SAP. When a customer order arrives, our recognition technology automatically handles the gathering and recording of relevant information. It then provides checks against existing data in SAP and a built-in workflow for management of discrepancies, enabling a swift, accurate and documented trail to the creation of a sales order.

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