Kofax Mobile SDK


Kofax Mobile SDK is a comprehensive platform that enables customers to develop and deploy mobile apps and solutions focused on the business critical First Mile™ of real time mobile customer interactions.  It delivers patented mobile image processing technology of VRS® running on the mobile device, real-time content capture to automatically extract and validate content, direct integrations to both the Kofax Capture and Kofax Total Agility platforms, and dynamic HTML 5 capabilities of the Kofax TotalAgility 7 platform to personalize the app and user experience.  This significantly improves organizations ability to deliver effective and dynamic customer centric mobile apps and solutions centrally managed, with better data, at lower costs while providing the best user experience possible. 
Meet your customers where they are to drive revenues, improve customer engagement, and accelerate transactions and processes.
Static mobile apps helping customers locate stores, check status, and review account information have paved the way for the next generation of mobile customer engagement apps for banking, insurance, healthcare, and government. 
Standardizing on a mobile centric customer engagement platform provides companies with distinct competitive advantage to meet their customers where they are enabling them to interact with the core systems from their mobile device delivering more services, in real-time the way the customers preferred to be engaged.
Whether image enabling a mobile app to better automate the capturing of content, to the automatic real-time extraction of data to better enable self-service onboarding, or to the complete customer engagement into a process, the Kofax Mobile Capture SDK delivers the industries first platform for real-time mobile dynamic customer engagement. 

User Experience
Ensure the least intrusive, repeatable, high fidelity mobile capture and user engagement experience.
Content Processing
Support the widest variety of content acquisition, processing and validation.
Device Interoperability
Support the widest variety of content acquisition and user integration points.
System Interoperability
Ensure real-time, dynamic interoperability with cloud and/or on premise line of business systems, data sources, and/or IT infrastructure.

Value Add Frameworks
Provide value add components to allow our customers to expand the value of their solutions within the shortest development timeframe.

Object Oriented
Provides developers with objects and services to effectively develop their mobile image capture app the way they want using the most advanced image capture and image processing technologies available.
Video Capture
Leverage the video mode of the phone to more easily capture and process images for your users.
Dynamic and Engaging App via Kofax TotalAgility
Leveraging industry standard HTML 5, Kofax TotalAgility processes and dynamic case management capabilities can be run within your mobile app including the ability to use the image capture and image processing controls enabling customers to deploy dynamic customer engagement apps that are branded and personalized for the user, their use case, and capabilities.
Bar Code Recognition
Capture data from bar codes right on the device.
On Device Handprint Detection
Detect the presence of handprint on the device.  Can be used to make sure documents are signed.
On Device MICR
Check for the presence of MICR and if MICR is readable on the device to ensure that checks can be processed automatically.
Image Quality Analysis
Real-time feedback on the device if the image passes quality standards to ensure successful submission to the process.
Customizable Video Capture
Customize the interface and user experience to ensure that your app meets your users’ needs and abilities, including the ability to switch between video and photo modes.  Do not be locked into the same capture interface as all your use cases.

Turn smartphones and tablets into advanced information-capture devices, leveraging the most robust, comprehensive mobile capture platform available.

Features of Kofax Mobile SDK


  • Capture. Our capture APIs control the focus, flash, and shutter of the device to ensure the image is captured correctly the first time. This eliminates challenges that impact the user experience and the effectiveness of the app.
  • Video Capture. Leveraging the video mode on the mobile device, the Kofax Mobile SDK automatically captures the image for the user, eliminating issues with blur, jitter and shifting. Video capture is an option available to the developer in addition to standard photo mode, and can be customized to ensure the greatest usability of the app.
  • Real-time Data Extraction. Data is extracted, validated, and presented to the user in near real-time. Kofax can extract data from documents in over 140 languages and can process content, from structured forms to unstructured correspondence.
  • Image Enhancement. The enhancement process employs Kofax VirtualReScan® (VRS) a patented Kofax technology that de-skews the image, separates the image from the background, and cleans up the image by removing artifacts such as shadows. This process is important as it greatly improves data extraction accuracy along with image quality.
  • Any Document Type. Whether an ID, check, pay stub, or legal form, the document is captured and a process-ready image is delivered (ranging from a single document transaction to a mixed batch of multiple pages and documents).
  • Barcode Recognition. Recognize barcodes natively on the device, in real-time; use the data to deliver more effective customer engagement apps and solutions.
  • Auto Torch. Automatically turns the flash on in low-light situations and turns the flash off when the capture process is completed.

Transform Customer Engagement
By turning mobile devices into advanced information-capture devices, the Kofax Mobile SDK™ extends business processes to the First Mile™—your initial, business-critical customer interactions—so latency is minimized and customers are more engaged and empowered. Organizations are therefore better connected with customers by “meeting them where they are” to accelerate transactions, improve processes and drive revenue.
Patented Image Perfection
Kofax image perfection capabilities capture a perfect image—the first time, every time. This ensures the data can be extracted and effectively utilized in business processes, creating both superior results and satisfied customers. Without Kofax capture technology the customer could take an out-of-focus, unusable image, resulting in a broken process and creating additional steps for both the enterprise and the customer.
Kofax technology not only makes sure the image is readable, in the correct format/orientation, and captured in its entirety, but also generates a file size that’s more manageable for the customer. And because it runs natively, it improves the usability of the app and enables developers to design experiences that provide instantaneous feedback about the document quality.

Target Customers: Kofax Mobile Capture SDK buyers are normally technical resources within an IT or Innovation team tasked with solving a specific problem.


  • Financial Services. Retail Banking (customer onboarding, bill pay, remote deposit capture, new account opening, signature cards, supporting documents, etc.); Investment Banking (customer onboarding); Others (customer loyalty, cred card balance transfer).
  • InsuranceClaims (First Notification of Loss); Customer Onboarding (Tap to Quote); Others (Insurance Cards, etc.).
  • Healthcare. Patient Registration/ Onboarding.
  • Government. Citizen benefits enrollment; Claims.
  • Horizontal. Expense Management; Customer Loyalty; Account Opening and Account Funding.
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