Kofax ControlSuite

Manage, secure and govern documents with content-aware print, capture and workflow automation

Documents are our business.

ControlSuite provides software to help organizations optimize their information-based capture and print processes from being labor intensive, error prone and costly, into becoming highly efficient, automated and secure.

Equitrac - key features:
  • Centralized authentication: automated, secure and compliant print controls
  • Mobile authentication for BYOD support
  • Static watermark capability for improved security
  • Intelligent print rules to help reduce costs
  • Print audit trail and detailed reporting to improve compliance
AutoStore - key features:
  • Multi Channel data capture (MFP, Smart Phone, E-mail, Fax, FTP, XML, etc.)
  • Works with all MFP brands
  • Microsoft authentication support
  • OCR processing
  • 40+ pre-built business system connectors
Output Manager - key capabilities:
  • Stringent data and document security (e.g. Stop printing confidential info)
  • Advanced workflows (re-routing documents or deleting and adding specified data)
  • Expanded high availability (Citrix VDI support, remote printing capabilities)

Business Connect - key capabilities:
  • Secure print and capture for mobile workforce
  • Mobile capture on the go
  • Electronic forms
  • Barcode scanning with lookup
  • eSignature from mobile
  • Geo location (e.g. map coordinates where work was done)
  • Geo tracking (e.g. audit mobile workforce by reviewing locations)

kofax controlsuite is comprised of
  • Employee generating the document: there is no change to the print process or additional steps to take. The barcode is automatically inserted and PDF copy stored to correct location.

  • End customer has new and more convenient options to return the document (email and fax).

  • Returned documents can be scanned in batch, not 1 by 1. Barcode automatically routes to appropriate customer folder.
  • Email and fax documents are immediately inserted into process without delay or manual intervention.
  • Proactive notification to line of business owner streamlines process to close transaction sooner.
  • Unsigned and Signed documents are available as searchable documents to assist in pos-transaction account maintenance and customer support effort.
  • Overall process is streamlined resulting in no change to emplyee or customer behavior, quicker closure of business trasaction and removal of manual steps to process and store documents.
  • Single solution leverages print, capture, email, document management and fax system to provide unified, easy to use workflow to automate cumbersome business process.

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