The ability to offer a customer experience that further leverages their preferred channel of interaction represents an opportunity to target and acquire new customers in this lucrative demographic.



Offer the best of technology to your customers and a high level of compliance in your business.
Transforming Banking.
Some banking firms believe innovation means implementing the next “me too” feature and marketing it as a breakthrough. But financial organizations who seek genuine, lasting transformation know true innovation isn’t always about what customers can see. Real differentiation begins internally with process visibility and intelligence, compliance management, analytics and efficiency. With this strong, agile foundation in place, ever-evolving customer demands can be addressed with viable growth and development. Without it, change is a threat, not an opportunity.

Customer Onboarding
Improve customer satisfaction with faster account openings and multi-channel mobile processes.
Mortgage Processing
Simplify the mortgage process with mobile document capture and collaboration eliminating paper and manual handling.
Engage customers any time and on any device.
Mailroom Automation
Extract and validate information from incoming paper and electronic mail and distribute it to business process workflows.


Raising the level of services and consumer goods with technology and processes.
Transforming the process of selling consumer goods or services.

Retail dates back to the ancient times. The process of selling consumer goods or services to customers exists through multiple channels, each one associated with multiple challenges and opportunities. In modern era, retailers must take in account several strategic level decisions when it comes to market positioning. Digital technologies come now into the equation by changing the way not only retailers, but consumers position themselves into the industry.

To answer new customers’ expectations a tighter bridge between digital and physical services must be built, as part of transforming the experience and embracing new opportunities. Retail remains among the industries that are most affected by digital transformation. The growing demands and possibilities must materialize as innovations that overcomes expectactions.

Work without limits and limitations with Digital Transformation. And make a Business transformation that leads to Innovation.


Have a service to your client with the best practices of the global market.
How Automation Simplifies and Transforms Insurance Business Processes.

Automation of insurance claims, new business, underwriting and other processes does more than speed the process; it saves money, enables better customer service and transforms your business.
Now you can automate the capture, classification, extraction and validation of information through a touchless process—and then automate the insertion of that information into your business process and core systems of record. From claims to provider inquiries and the management of insurance benefits to new applications, forms and payment processing, you have the power to manage information with unprecedented speed and accuracy. And you can harness this information in new ways to drive growth and profitability.
Imagine the growth you can realize by automating standard processes, eliminating manual steps and enabling case management throughout the organization, all while meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

Accelerate processing by eliminating manual steps and workflow-related delays.

Acquire data from multiple channels for faster processing and enhanced customer communication.

Meet regulatory compliance with tracing and auditing data acquisition through the entire process.

Improve accuracy and eliminate manual tasks.

Life, Loss and Damage Claims Processing
Enable policyholders to report their loss and start a claim faster and more conveniently via their smartphone, tablet and other devices.
Health and Injury Claims Processing
Enable customers to initiate a claim or service request with automatic capture of required documents and signatures.
Customer Engagement
Improve customer experience and maximize additional revenue opportunities with personalized communications and offers.
New Business Underwriting
Providing underwriters fast, efficient access to information and comprehensive risk analysis boosts productivity while growing market share and profitability.

Shared Services

Provide more efficiency and performance in your service units. 
Digital Transforming helps the distinction of the high performers services units.

Executing and handling specific operational tasks (such as accounting, human resources, or IT), a shared service is the responsible within a multi-unit organizations of supplying the business unit and their departments with specialized services. The main idea is of ‘sharing’ within the core of an organization, centralizing back-office operations, and eliminating redundancy. More and more, organizations began to value a multifunctional approach to shared services. Their model is a fully integrated, end-to-end process oriented, that can transform business and, in the end, achieving the creation of a unified business services unit.

Optimize your flexibility.

Focus on the market and customer reach, give an active and fast response to change, optimize agility, understand what drives your cost and value, engage more and more with stakeholders. Abide growing and volatility and be able to provide shared services more effectively than ever in the new normal world.

Transportation and Logistics

Automate your transportation expertise with efficiency. 
Point of Origination capture enables an easy and effective capture of time sensitive and critical documents.

Transportation is a government-regulated industry in many countries around the world. Truck and delivery drivers need to provide proof of delivery, capture bills of lading, and provide personal records on demand. Many times the billing process cannot begin until the proof of delivery or bills of lading are captured. Without this, a driver can be idled until documentation is provided. Point of Origination capture enables truck and delivery drivers to easily and effectively capture these time sensitive and critical documents at the customer location and submit them wirelessly to corporate systems for the storage, tracking and billing processes.
Documents are captured earlier, which is extremely beneficial in the case of customs declarations for international shipments, as planes cannot take off until this information has been captured and provided electronically to the necessary government agencies. Logistics companies that need to capture millions of pages each day within a very short window of time can now enable the drivers to initiate the capture process from the field, at the customer location or in the cab of their truck.


Management of public documents and processes: security, transparency, speed and efficiency.
Improve service to constituents while cutting costs and handling an ever-growing workload.
Kofax enables government organizations to improve service and provide transparency by automating the First Mile™ of citizen interaction. Kofax solutions automate the capture, processing and archiving of documents to help agencies increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve citizen services. Agencies can rapidly implement automated, adaptable work processes that foster collaboration and provide continuous improvement in service quality.

Information is no longer paper-based, and customer requests are processed across departments and locations without loss of data integrity. People receive decisions more quickly, and processes are designed to evolve to meet future needs. Kofax solutions for government help agencies expand services, stimulate economic growth, provide better citizen services and comply with privacy and changing compliance requirements.

Streamline Case Management
Provide a comprehensive view of each constituent across multiple programs by making all case information available to the caseworker. In addition, provide the flexibility to choose or define alternative paths towards the resolution of a case in real time. With Kofax solutions, organizations can improve the speed and quality of case resolution by focusing on the information needs of both the caseworker and citizen.
Deliver Efficient Citizen Benefits
Manage citizen benefits throughout the lifecycle at the same level of service that constituents have grown to expect in the private sector. With Kofax solutions, government organizations can offer constituents easy self-service access via the web, fax, telephone, or even mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. This flexibility allows for the tailoring of interactions to individual citizens while minimizing the time and costs of every interaction.
Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges Today
Kofax enables government agencies to streamline and optimize information flow across programs and agencies to improve citizen service. With its best-in-class enterprise capture solutions, Kofax empowers government organizations to meet today’s challenges with touchless information flows that drive world-class citizen benefits, case management, and other government applications—while driving down costs and improving citizen services.
Increase Operational Efficiency
Capture and classify greater volumes of content at the point of entry, and route process-ready information to multiple processes faster and with greater efficiency.
Improve Service to Constituents
Capture citizen information from multiple channels including the web, fax, and mobile devices for faster processing and service delivery.
Optimize Case Management
The robust, scalable and flexible enterprise capture platform from Kofax optimizes case management by capturing and sharing relevant information across departments and agencies.
Shorten the Benefits Delivery Cycle
Kofax solutions speed the benefit determination and eligibility process while enhancing inter-agency communications to shorten the benefits delivery cycle.
Achieve Regulatory Compliance
Trace and audit the acquisition of data into your agency, from the point of entry, across each touch point, to final archive.


Engagement between efficiency, management, and speed in the documents of health companies.  

Connecting content for patient-centered care.
Today’s hospitals and health systems run on information. Clinicians need it to make accurate diagnoses and improve patient outcomes. Finance needs it to secure and optimize reimbursement. HIM professionals need it to ensure compliance. And, Operations needs it to enhance organizational performance and cut costs.
The good news is, as a healthcare provider, you’re likely information rich. The bad news is, much of this content is painfully disjointed. Medical images, videos, clinical photos, radiology reports, clinical documents and other critical pieces of patient information are often locked away in proprietary systems outside of core clinical platforms such as electronic health record (EHR) systems and picture archiving communication systems (PACS).
To ensure you have the information on hand to deliver true patient-centered care, you need a technology platform that can aggregate a variety of content stored in multiple systems throughout the enterprise and present it in a single, customizable view. We can help.

Improve Patient Care and Outcomes
Improved enterprise-wide visibility of critical patient content enables better treatment decisions and minimizes costly readmissions.
Reduce Costs
Consolidating the management of unstructured patient content on a single, integrated platform streamlines system maintenance and clinical workflows – reducing costs and improving performance.
Strengthen Health Data Security
Gain enterprise control over your unstructured content assets, making it easier to apply universal security protocols and include in disaster recovery plans.
Ensure Compliance
Facilitate secure access and sharing of patient content, enabling you to easily address key industry regulations and initiatives including HIPAA, Meaningful Use and ACA.
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